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Originally Posted by F16RCE View Post
Personally, what i would find really useful is to see a drag race between an OEM M3, a Evolve stage 2 mapped M3, an Evolve Supercharged M3 and then a Supercharged M3 from another tuning company. What i really want to see is how this extra power translates in the real world. The car that would then appeal the most to me would be the one that gets off the mark the quickest and retains the lead up to 100MPH. The car i would be least interested in is the one that only gets going after 100MPH as that isnt the range at which i will be driving on a frequent basis.....

Sal - Is this something you guys could do? or would be willing to do?

Everyone has different needs and ideas on what they want. For me if a charger can give me a significant increase in low down acceleration that translates on the tarmac to me pulling away like a freight train over other cars then thats the one for me....

By the way im still loving the Evolve Stage 2 remap and thinks its a great upgrade!

it is completely reasonable what you are asking. What you want to see is a fast point to point car within reasonably quick speeds.
I appreciate not everyone wants to go 150mph!

We have no supercharged cars in the UK other than a few ESS cars.

If they want to come over and arrange a day at Bruntingthorpe then this is no problem at all.
I can tell you this, our supercharged car even with a bigger pulley running 6 PSi will destroy any of our NA bolt on setups. Even just a simple beginning of 2nd gear to end of third there is a massive difference.
Part throttle high gear acceleration is also very very impressive.

Against another supercharged car - well, it's very very different to G Power which is already very impressive. Against anything else we have no idea other than knowing how the Vortech blower behaves when substituted for the Rotrex on our kit and fully tuned.