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Originally Posted by andy9188 View Post
Hi guys I've recently acquired my e92 m3 and would like some reviews from the guys that have x pipes and a remap if possible. What sort of bhp can you expect and what part of the rev range is improved? Coming from a 335d I'm use to low down pull which I'm struggling to get use to in the m3. I think the mid range could do with been a bit more lively.

Many thanks

The most restrictive part of the exhaust is the primary cats. You can either remove them or buy am x-pipe from Evolve or Akrapovic which has them removed plus has high flow secondary cats. I have the Evolve stage 2 (X-pipes, remap V3 and BMC filter) and the power and torque went from 414bhp / 295lb ft to 458bhp and 330lb ft. The sound is amazing with WOT but like stock when cruising.

The difference this makes on the road is massive and maximises the massive flat torque curve that the S65 engine has. I have over 90% max torque for over more than 6k RPM rev range.

The difference around 3k RPM to stock is big but it's the pull to the red line with the additional kick at 6.5k RPM (from the Evolve map) that is a real joy to exploit.

Where turbo diesels fall flat on their face at around 4k RPM and indeed some start losing torque after 2K, you need to exploit the performance from 3k RPM and above to make mighty progress.