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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
If you are keeping the OEM shocks, just do springs. I doubt that you'll be riding on the bump stops if you lower the car 10mm. If you are worried suspension travel, get the Dinan Stage I which provides new front and rear mounts which help gain a small increase in travel.

Sleeve over kits are a waste. The WHOLE point of a height adjustable system is to either corner balance the car or to slam the car as low as possible. Your car is stock and it comes optimally balanced, you don't want to slam the what's the point?

I have the Dinan Stage II plus camber plates on a non-EDC suspension. It looks much better and turns in much nicer than OEM. Unless I'm on the track, I can't detect much of a difference in performance.

I wonder if it would be best to order the ZCP shocks/springs, etc. But not sure if software can be changed to suit it? There is another member that did a ZCP re-fit and sounds like he likes it. Probebly expensive and not sure if its worth the money.

If I just add springs to drop it 10mm and change out the front bump stop, besides it'll look a little better, will it perform a bit better on twisty roads, track? I'm really not worried about regular street driving because I think it feels fine anyway and I drive it in comfort during regular street driving.