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I actually could have got a great shot tonight. Every now and then, you get a clear shot at the moon. But winds are about 95km/h right now; which is about 60mph. So clouds are moving so fast it pretty much impossible to snap.

I was still preparing my tripod to get outside when I saw a neighbour's patio chair fly over his yard to another neighbour's yard. That made me change my mind and I decided to stay inside. I dont mind a hardcore photoshoot, but it could have been a lot worse then getting shot (paintball).

I prefer to wait for the next full moon then to get whacked by flying debris. I wouldnt be surprised if the power go out at anytime. If anything hits those cables; either debris or a tree; Houston we'll have a problem. Generator's ready for the essentials just in case tho. And I got food/water/batteries/gas for two weeks.

Luckily, we only get the winds so far. No rain yet (knock on wood)
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