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things went from bad, to worse... tint seems to be the least of my troubles now.
so instead of going to the original location, i chose to go to their 2nd location which does all the tinting for the BMW dealership in town. figured, these guys had more experience with tint for BMWs. went in today around 1:30 to have the front windshield, and rear windshield retinted.. the guys noticed the driver window and both side panels needed work too so agreed to redo those. off to a great start right? i knew this was going to take longer because they had to remove the tint and glue from all the windows. 3 hrs later... my car is ready to roll out. manager comes out to hand my keys when he noticed a bubble in the rear windshield. he said it wasn't water but glue, and needed to go back in to have it done all over again... its about 5:15 when it seems everything is done. he pointed out a bubble in almost the same spot before but said he was 90% sure its water this time and i should give it some time... i don't know, it was time for them to close and i'm sure by now these guys have seen enough of my car today. so i take the keys and as i'm driving out their lot, i noticed the small tray that flips open was broken.

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showed the manager what one of his guys did. he made a call to the BMW dealership and left a message for his guy/contact to take care of me. i went straight to the dealership and got a quote for the damaged piece.

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i'm sure these guys have no idea how expensive this damage is going to cost them.. to make matters worse, i noticed after i left the dealership my head lights along with all the interior lighting of the car was flickering (around 10secs) when the engine started. happened 2 more times tonight after the car had been turned off for awhile and restarted. hopefully this electrical issue has nothing to due with all the water that was sprayed and go onto the dash while they were installing the front windshield... anyways... i don't know what i'm going to do from here. cause in the end, even giving the tint some time to cure i think its still gonna turn out bad. but like i said in the beginning of this post, it seems after all this tint my be the least of my worries. sorry for the long post...

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