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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
I've but maybe this is a new question. Not even h&r's website has info..

I was hoping someone would know and explain the difference of H&R Race Springs vs. H&R Sport Plus (Stiffer Version)

Ride height drop on:
H&R Race F:2" R:1.5"
H&R Sport Plus F:1" R:0.6"

I don't know about spring rates on these either..

What are the difference here? Besides ride height?

What are my cons by going with the Race springs and it being a bit softer on the spring rate? I want to go low.

Or is going with the sport height with a better spring rate gonna be most bennificial? Why and why?

Thank you

your info is wrong (maybe not m3 specific) but the drop for the sport and sport plus (or race as it is now labeled) is the same, just the race has a slightly stiffer spring rate.