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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Dropped the car off today, going to try your ride heights.
I have a track day on November 4th, so will see how it compares to my current ride height, which is about 3/4" lower then what you are using.
Wow, that's pretty low. I know it's not extreme but I wouldn't be able to run on the street here with the dips and driveways around here. Hope it works for you. I've been happy with this ride height as I still rarely rub on speed bumps or anything else if I don't go too fast.

Re the toe out and tracking. I've driving a few hundred freeway miles and the tracking on straight and level roads is still pretty good. Yes, it's a touch less "on-center" in terms of holding a straight line, but I think it's perfectly acceptable.

Road manners are really super and no regrets at all. I can hardly wait to get out on the track.