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Originally Posted by admranger View Post
Well done!

BTW: I've heard alignment is very critical on these beasts. Out of the box they aren't aligned for optimum performance. Worth a check at a good race shop.
Wise words which I validated this weekend.

What a beast. I wish my Solo was working...previous owner never got it working over OBDII.... apparently not possible on a '10RS. I did get lap times from passengers...

My summary is that the car is alive in your hands - a totally different experience than anything I've experienced, including the E46M3 race car I was lucky enough to drive in a few NASA races. Ungodly fast, much like you'd expect from a E90 hauling only 3000lbs around.

Step on the gas - it changes direction
Step on the brakes, changes direction
Release the brakes to quickly, changes direction
Touch the steering wheel lightly - jumps...

I had to learn a whole new meaning to the word "smooth". Plus I had to figure out how to make the third pedal work...all together a learning experience at TWS.

But the good news is that despite how hard it was to drive, and how poorly it was setup, and how much of an idiot I was, 1:56 was easy to get to (CCW) in traffic.

I let a friend of mine drive it - he's a CMC racer. He and I have similar styles, we're used to driving cars aggressively - by the scruff of the neck. He jumped in and immediately tried to drive at 9/10ths. The problem is that you experience speed differently in this car. You are going much much faster than you think you are. So, going into T5 he was going about 105 and didn't bother to brake....I nearly wet my pants, not afraid to say it. Somehow we didn't crash. It bit him on the neck a few other times in that session.

Hopefully I'll have video and data at some point....Richard I wish I had bought all of this from you rather than inheriting it from the previous owner. The original dealer has been less than helpful.