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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Typically in an E46 (suspension design is not that different, right?), most run the biggest front bar possible and a smallish rear bar. Some even skip using a rear bar..all in the name to banish understeer. Sheesh, Turner sells a 40mm front bar. If the normal thinking were to hold true, wouldn't a 40mm bar render your steering wheel useless?

I think the main difference with the E9X is that you don't have to do nearly as much to get the car close to neutral.
I ran a 32mm front sway and no rear sway on my s2000 without aero - it handled beautifully. I added the front way to neutralize the oversteer the s2000 has after going to a non-staggered set up, then it still was still a touch loose in the rear, so I removed the rear sway all together.

With the proper camber up front on and M3 that a track setup would have - the rear would oversteer more due to more grip than before (all other things equal).

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