Thread: 2010 S4 vs M3
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I had a 2011 S4 with about every option. I liked the torque of the supercharged engine and this allowed it to pull away without much effort. The DSG was also very nice and the quattro was great for all seasons. I sold the car to my parents and purchased a 2012 M3. I feel that the M3 is much more aggressive and I appreciate the steering and suspension of the M3, which I feel is much sportier. I also have a 2011 Cayenne S, and when placed in sport mode the steering and suspension feels on the same level as the S4. However, after driving the M3, the Porsche feels loose and not as connected. Granted it's an SUV, but the M3 made it feel this way, whereas the S4 never felt any more capable than the Porsche. I would definitely recommend the M3 as being a more involving and memorable experience compared to the S4. This doesn't mean the S4 is bad by any means, as the S4 is still an excellent vehicle.