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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
For those of you following this thread, ponder this:

Attachment 390235

The context is that I ran the car at a modest speed over a speed bump. As you can see, the wheel (red line) ran over it, the body (green line) followed with a time delay, and the suspension (blue line) ran out of travel twice on compression at about 3cm upward travel with a 5cm extension in between.

seeing this, i dont see how sleeve kits could benefit this/a car. We would be adding greater harmonics due to a higher spring rate coupled with stock (lower rate) dampers. it would seem to me, in a non-empirical approach, that this combo would create bounce. also, i dont know if the damper would be able to maintain the same comp/rebound as the spring, which could lead to larger issues.

any view on sleeve kits?