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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
Your dealer sounds like a real piece of work.

It is not hard to find CPO on an M3 but it is expensive M3 warranties are just expensive in general. Your dealer sounds like they have no idea what they are telling you.

As to extended warranty transfers:

To transfer your contract, within thirty (30) days of a change in ownership of the vehicle, submit to the contract administrator a completed transfer application form together with a fifty dollar ($50) transfer fee, unless a different amount is specified in section 10, along with all of the following:

1. a notarized copy of the documentation showing change of title and odometer reading on the date of ownership change
2. proof of maintenance in accordance wit the manufacturer's specifications
3. if the manufacturers warranty requires a transfer, a copy of the completed transfer form
4. your original contract and declaration page, and
5. the name and address of the new owner

The transfer application form may be obtained from the contract administrator. Transfer applications are subject to approval by the contract administrator. In the event the transfer application, fee, and required documentation is postmarked more than thirty (30) days after the change in ownership, then this contract may become non-transferable.
im confused, so extended warranty is transferable or not? sorry, there's a guy before you saying it cannot be transfered and you're saying it is transferable if i filled out the application. thanks
10' E92 M3 6MT