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Originally Posted by Kielan View Post
No credit card, so no debt there to be worrying about.

The modding thing was more of an after thought (for after graduation, I'm not a full retard haha).

I have a job secured for when I graduate as well, whether or not I take it or go for other firms potential offers is a different story. But making money after school is not a huge worry of mine. I'm an information science and technology major, I shouldn't have to worry much about getting a job.

As far as my student loans, half of it is on me.

For sure, this is what I think I'd be able to do, but of course I can't plan to for everything to go to plan.
Good for you w/ having no credit card debt! I graduated with $0 in cc debt and was glad I did so. Your statement about not planning for everything to go to plan is a good one. It's good if you have something lined up right now but if it's not in writing, I wouldn't bank on it. You're over a year away from graduating. Perhaps a bit of a conservative/cautious approach, but I'm not one to bank on certain things. I had some friends w/ BSEE and computer science degrees that had problems getting jobs out of school in a 'challenging economy'. All had good GPAs and were personable people (by normal standards...not by engineering standards. lol) Nothing is guaranteed. I'd still say keep the E46 or downgrade. You still need to decide how much debt you want to start your professional life with. While in college, why add $ to the equation of crap to worry about. Keep it simple, bank some the cash you're making, have some fun w/ some of it, and enjoy college life. Whether or not you require a BMW to do your call. If you really want a warranty, why not look into an aftermarket warranty as a 3rd option?