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Originally Posted by kal-el
True when you are young. Appearance is "it", nice dress, nice shoes, nice hair, etc....
Just look around you, in HS for example, the beautiful people have their own little group, the nerds , the jocks , etc.

Then there's the 'reject' group. Ever seen the beauty go out with the beast ? Only in movie.

As you go through life and becoming more mature, your priority will shift. Looks may become priority # 2 , as personality of a person matter most.

This stage is when we all are looking to get serious in relationship (long term commitment like marriage, children). When you come to this stage in life, you won't be so picky as far as 'look' goes.

There's exception, as always, to any kind of generalization mentioned here.
I get what you're saying and I agree with you to an extent, but I don't think you get waht I'm saying. My friends and I always use this exmaple when we're asked this question:

If you were in a mall/club/out somewhere and you saw some really hot chick and a really ugly chick. Regardless of how their personality may be, which one are you more likely to approach. Honestly, you would not want to approach the ugly person first. So, you go upto the pretty girl and get to know her. Then, if her personality sucks you would put her aside and move on. Am I right? There is no way you would just approach a random ugly ugly person in real life and be like "Hey, you're ugly but maybe your personality is amazing." There are plenty of beautiful people with amazing personalities. You just have to find them.