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which should I go with? TCKline, Dinan, Ground Control or fit ZCP?


There is alot of info and lots of suspension kits out there I've been looking at, but I'd like to get your opinions for what I'm looking for. I know that in order to get max performance out of the suspension it required an entire suspension swop. That's not what I'm looking to do, that's beyond what I'll be using it for but I would like to improve the handling characteristics and lower it just slightly within reason from OEM. My M3 is an '08 so it does not have a competiton package.

What I'm looking for is a sleeve kit that meets the criteria below;

1.) Slight drop same as the ZCP or Competition package or abouts. Don't want to go slammed.

2.) Don't want to spend more than $2,000 estimated.

3.) Suspension kit that is EDC compatable as I don't want to get rid of the funcion, but I won't just go with lowering springs and screw up the ride quality or trash the shocks/struts.

4.) Mainly street use but occasional track use and mountain road spirited driving, so improved handling is the key hear.

5.) Direct fitment with no modifications. DIY friendly.

6.) Dealership alignment capable, if that's possible.

7.) Currently running with ARC-8 wheels but might switch to GTS 19" wheels, so a kit that will compliment these wheels.

8.) TCKline and other kits I'm sure have different spring rates, which spring rate is right for street/mountain type spirited driving and light tack use? I'm guessing something in the middle??? Not too stiff?

I know some use camber plates for better turn in and would compliment the set up and also is it practical to get new sway bars or just stay stock with the sway bars?

So with what I'm looking for, what do you guys suggest as an ideal suspension kit for what I'm looking for? Please, just serious intelligent answers. Thanks,


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