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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Firstly, you probably bought the wrong car if you are terribly concerned with 0-60. Slapping on a blower will probably make it slower, not quicker...because traction is the issue. Here's what you should do > get Michelin Pilot Super Sports and a V-Box. Practice is your friend.

I spend a lot of time on O'ahu and the roads are sh*t and often wet. It demands all-wheel drive and more tire than what is on the M3. A perfect place for the Jeep SRT8 or BMW X5M...but the M3...not so much.
+1 Longboarder is right. Roads are shit here, lazy ass workers take month to fix the damm road and still do a shit job.

I see that you order 19x9 and 19x10, should of get 19x9.5 and 19x11 Michelin Pilot Super Sports 265 F and 295 R. And even this setup your wheels will not hook till 3rd gear if you get the 535 kit.

Longboarder as far as I know there are two supercharge m3 on here one e90 ess 535 and one e92 active