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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
That is some hard data, however it doesn't proof your point, for at least couple of reasons.

First VW Golf is available, as a factory option, with either 15, 16 or 17 inch rims. Test in Car and Driver shows, that handling in those size wheels is increasing with coming to bigger wheels, and even in sizes 18 and 19 road handling is better, then with tires size 15, or 16. Acceleration suffers, but we talking VW Golf with 2,5l engine. It will not be a problem with 420 HP M3

Second, those tested tires are bigger, when rims are getting bigger. In M3 diameter of the tire on drive axle is exactly the same on 18 and 19 inch rim. Tire Rack shows, that both original equipment tires have 790 revs per mile. So it doesn't look like car will suffer from slower acceleration, it will have exactly the same ratios and speeds on every gear, and, according to Car & Driver test it probably would have better grip in corners.

When someone goes over factory size rims, let say to 20" on M3, car may suffer poorer fuel mileage and, possibly, slightly slower acceleration, if diameter of the wheel would increase. However test in C&D suggest, that going within factory size wheels, bigger is better. Better roadholding and better braking. For slightly slower acceleration - more power in M3 offers the answers. In my case it is 600 supercharged horses.