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Originally Posted by Peteypab2133 View Post
Stock stock it will beat a Z06 pretty easy. The ZR1 is closer but its a drivers race at that point.
The new GT500 is an incredible car, but I think to say it will easily beat a C6 Z06 is a little unrealistic. This is a really tricky comparison.

All of the most recent tests (last few years) have focused on late model fully optioned Z06s with abysmal production rates and a little extra pork (3300+ lbs). The vast majority of Z06s out there are actually 2006-2009 models which weighed 3130-3200 lbs and dominate the fast lists; excluding the weight factor for some reason(s) unknown they're faster than later models. So statistically speaking if you run into a Z06, odds are pretty good it's going to be a 2006-2009.

When you look at (in my humble opinion) the single most important indicator of straight-line acceleration, 0-150 MPH time, for one of those models it's 17.7 seconds [1]. Same spec. for the new GT500 is 17.6 seconds [2]. I don't think it can get any closer than that. Two professional drivers wouldn't be capable of consistent wins for one car over the other. That's pretty conclusive evidence that at least in a straight line it's a toss up and not an easy win.

So that really just leaves track performance. As good as the GT500 is, with an extra ~700 lbs it's just not going to keep up with the Z06 through the twisties. Similar deals for the CTS-V and ZL1 - both awesome cars as well but you can't overcome the body roll and understeer etc. with near 4000 lb curb weights.

Now all that being said, if you can really drive and you go up against a stereotypical garage queen vette owner, absolutely you'd probably beat a Z06. Just enjoy the new car; the most important thing is that it puts a smile on your face.