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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
nice an 08 with 400 to the wheels. i would be happy if i had 380 like your baseline.
I too was amazed that it pulled that high a baseline number. I am not sure if that was attributable to the "baby tune" that Mike gave me earlier or if it was due to the good petrol I had in there. If any Malaysians are on here, I was running BHP 97. US folks might like to note we run RON here instead of the MON ratings, so the numbers are not directly comparable.
Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
That's a great gain! Glad you are enjoying the software. I wish we had the same gas you have out here!

I will undoubtedly keep all information confidential about the shop that left your car unstartable. Don't worry.

There are some changes before 4000 RPM, but the majority of the changes are after as that's where this engine really shines. Making changes too low in the rev range often causes knocking and other issues that I don't want people to experience. The file in your car is very similar to the one in mine, and has been track tested in extreme conditions on 3 different M3's with 300F oil temperatures and 105 degree weather. So rest assured it will continue to put a smile on your face moving forward, whether cruising down the street or beating down the track.

Please post the dyno when you have a chance.

The gain is incredible indeed! Much more than I expected, Ordinarily you need FI to get gains like this. Thanks for your help! I understand re the tuning below 4k and what the engine can do, and engine longevity is far more important than ponies. It drives great and I'll report in on and off how its going.

Dyno will come - I forgot to grab them and will pop in this week when time permits.