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I'm back home.

It was awesome. No surprise, my previous 3 trips were too. Weather was perfect.

Once we got a consistently experienced group together we hammered out laps in the low 8'40s". I wish I could had a go with just the instructor as that was how I did my best lap ever last year at one of these BMW events.

Anyway I was concerned that 4 days, two back-to-back 2-day events, might be too tiring or boring but no way. It really actually helped.

I've said this was my last time but my wife says it wasn't. Hopefully she knows better than me.

If you ever get the chance, you have got to go to the 'Ring.

After these trips and thousands of miles on the Autobahn in a rental M3 I know why I have this car and why I configured it the way I did (versus what I would do if I lived in Germany). But my car does need some of Mike Benvo's touch. That's next!
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