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Ive run E85 on my supra, my GTR, and have been trying to get another full flexfuel setup for the M3 because E85 is cheap, makes great power, and burns cleaner too. Do you have to be a stickler with your maintenance as far as oil changes and not letting your car sit with e85 in the tank? yes, but they're nothing that cant be dealt with. Will it require a diff. fuel pump, yes, but not because of the super corrosive e85, more because of the fact that the car will need a larger volume of fuel once its on e85. If you do an e85 setup and you don't use a stand alone system with a flex fuel sensor, take my advice and buy the zietronix sensor with display, you will see that a lot of pump stations have more than 10% ethanol already in their 93 octane, but as others have stated your ethanol content in e85 can be all over the place.