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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
A given car with its OEM spec tire on a 20" wheel may, in fact, have the same sidewall height as different car on an 18" wheel. A 295/30 for example has the same sidewall height whether it is on an 18", 19" or 20" wheel. This is not what we are referring to here. We are referring here to increasing the wheel size, and simultaneously decreasing the tire aspect ratio on a given car to maintain OEM rolling diameter.
Exactly. And that is why BMW M3 on larger wheels always will be faster and sharper, but less comfy

Look at most track set-ups on the M3. They all run 18's. If 19's are so superior in terms of performance, why do most serious track set ups use 18? By your argument, 20" is even better than 19". How many 20" track set ups do you see? Why don't you see professional race cars using the largest wheels possible?
Size of the wheels on race vehicles are determined by rules and regulations. For example F1 uses 13" wheels, not because 13 inch wheels are better then 18, or 20, but because that is the law.