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I have a decent driving record and used to pay $1922 for 6 months ($320/month) through Geico. I am in my late 20s and thought that this was ridiculous after reading this thread. I got pissed after reading what everyone else was paying. I even called State Farm, Alstate, Progressive, etc. All around the same price. I don't have any crazy tickets or anything. I had a 2 point failure to signal about 2 years ago and a 2 point speeding ticket about 3 years ago (5-9mph over the limit).

I have full coverage with the highest limits ($300k/$500k) and a $1000 deductible (I know... pretty high).

Anyways, I called my carrier about a month and a half ago, I told them I wanted another quote. Now I pay $900 for 6 months ($150/mo) AND I added my wife's brand new 328i to the policy. Crazy. So I was paying around $2000 just for my M3, now I pay $900 for the M3 and the 328. Same coverage. This is an average of $75/mo although I'm sure mine is higher than my wife's 328. I haven't checked the breakdown, but I assume it's around $100 for me and $50 for her.

I couldn't believe it. I started wondering if I should have called for a new quote much earlier.

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