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I had a somewhat fortunate experience with my car here.

Zero dings on my car whenever I parked out in Seoul. Then again, I only used paid parking lots rather than parking in the streets. My only ding came from when I was parked on-post. Rear-ended once and even then it was minor. Probably could've been repaired but I took it to the dealer and since I wasn't paying, I let them do what they want. Got a brand new bumper.

The 4-year warranty is only available in the US; every other nation only gets a 2-year warranty. The BMW USA customers have it the best.

End of the day though...driving here has been a pleasure. Sure traffic sucks and Koreans have zero road etiquette, but being able to drive my car to the max (open highways) with zero speeding tickets and without the fear of cops has been awesome.