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Originally Posted by jdemetry View Post
Cool vid, thanks for sharing. I still think a lot of this, and the opinions shared in the video, are nostalgic nonsense. Granted it sounds like Chris Harris has access to the CSL, which I highly doubt the OP is considering, but that could change the discussion.

My point is that if you could erase people's memory, eliminate the sentimental or collect-ability (especially for the E30 M3) factor, and showed all 4 generations of the M3 to 10,000 car enthousiests, just let them drive them for a week, on and off track, I think 9,000+ would pick the E90. It has the most power, greatest straight line performance, phas the highest revving, best sound engine. In terms of Chassis, the e90 has it for me there, as well. The suspension and chassis stiffness allow for the highest grip levels of all M cars, and the car is phenomenally balanced and condfidence inspiring. The steering is different, but it is incredibly accurate and the steering wheel feels the best in your hands (obviously subjective).

I don't want a DCT, not because its less challenging on the track (I can use any help I can get), but because I enjoy rowing the gears around town and the weight savings. I think the transmission concerns in the video are fundamentally different than steering feel, electronic gizmo arguments.
The CSL was a side point, not the emphasis of what he was saying.

The M3 has changed-- the 1M is much more in keeping with what the M3 was than the current M3 (despite the 1M's engine). By that I mean weight, size, and driving characteristics. Undoubtedly the M3 is the fastest M3 there has ever been, but it's just too comfortable, isolated, and... easy for my taste. It's become too M5, for what I want from a car at least. And the new M5... migh as well be called the M7 (bigger in every dimension and weight than a e38 740i).