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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Guys, if you build a regular coupe with all the standard options in the edition, it comes to $70,800 or so. That leaves $5.6k for the frozen paint and cool stitching.

How exactly is this overpriced? why dont you ask your dealer how much it would cost you to get a frozen individual color, just for fun?

Fast forward 10 years, with the limited production numbers this will be a *hot* item on the used market. It will fetch $$$ where your nice mineral white will be $20k if we're lucky. Thats what is special about this edition, and the fact that you will probably never see another one on the road very soon.
i had to go back to this one and apologize for having a misinformed opinion. i was at the dealer yesterday and every M3 coupe there was $70-75k MSRP!! base MSRP has really come a long way from $40k in 2008

so as long as you can get one of these editions for $500-600 over invoice, then it's actually a pretty good/fair deal

i still disagree with your crystal ball though, i don't think frozen or matte paint cars will be worth anything more in the future. the automotive world will move on to its next fad by then.

and as far as these being "limited", well if you put all these editions together, they really aren't all that limited anymore, are they? and the BMW enthusiast community already seems to think that BMW has made a mockery of limited edition M3's.

what's worse is that there is nothing truly significant, special, or historic about any of these editions, so why would they be collectible? they are not groundbreaking in any way or significantly better in any respect than the base model.