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It's not about snow but it is about rain and 45F which is what we have now until end of April. PSS are not good in the wet below 50F. Why do people always think winter tires are only for snow??

I just finished swapping in my hub centric rings and thank goodness, it corrected my wheel vibration on the freeway. I took a little drive and stability at up to 100mph feels great although I think I can tell that I'm missing some width. The tires will squirm a little when making quick lane changes at WOT in the wet but its very controllable. Wet traction is better than PSS and slightly better than Sottozeros. When they break free in the wet it's very progressive and smooth. You notice the rear sliding, but its ridiculously easy to control without traction control robbing the fun (MDM mode). In the wet I have much much more confidence to let the rear be lively and loose than with my summer setup. It's probably noteworthy to mention this is my first RWD vehicle but I do feel confident driving aggressively in it. My other most recent car was a WRX, which didn't lose traction hardly ever, but when it did, it was understeer.

So far I'm really liking the tires and I really dig the wheels now that I fixed the vibration. I'm going to get some spacers for the rear though. ET20 with 245s leaves a lot of open fender in the rear.

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