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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
Interesting to note too that there are also gauges now that will tell you the ethanol content right from the pump. Worth mentioning like you said about siting that I wouldn't recommend it for the guys who don't drive the cars a lot and let them sit. I like it more for a daily driven car looking to make horsepower on pump gas(if its readily avail by you and is of decent ethanol content)
I have never seen a gauge, but I have seen many test kits for under $20. Once you know what you are working with you can adjust your timing (or boost) as needed. This is defiantly not a fill up and forget it fuel though, if you are willing to baby sit it on a regular basis there are many benefits to it, but the people that will watch it and have the software/knowledge to adjust the cars performance accordingly are few and far between.
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