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Originally Posted by Yolkster View Post
Excuse are the one pulling information off a leftist corn lobby web-site, buying into the e85 seems you are the one doing the reading on the internet...contradict much?>.

Ethanol is hygroscopic..that is not going to change..what can be changed is how auto makers build their cars..and our cars are NOT built to run this fuel.

I read the manual and my knowlege of car engines is my guide..Good luck making mollasess...or whatever it is you do in your car.

Again the info was pulled from that site as its the most concise reading for e85. I have used it first hand, have you? Again if you knew anything you'd know that modern fuel systems will not be damages by e85. Again this is only 85% ethanol and reg fuel nowadays is already 15%. I guess we agree to disagree but you seem so adamant about something that you don't know much about. BTW there's also people on this forum running e85 in m3 (as well as many other cars not orig designed for it w/ no adverse issues )