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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
+1, exactly. Sure we don't have the exact price and $60k base is an important psychological barrier. Either way $58k base or $62k base you can't really come close with another choice for the same price given performance, quality, fun, luxury, prestige, trackable, etc. And PLEASE don't go on and on about modded cars, I am talking STOCK.

Also the argument that $62k is too expensive, "so I'll just get a base (NO options) 911 Carrera S for $84k" is simply ridiculous. Very close performance (likely exceeded in many performance metrics by the E92 M3) less seating, less trunk, but indeed possibly a bit more fun/pure but for 1/3rd more with no options. Come on get real. Don't even get me going about the base 911 (non S) for $74k base it is clearly going to be significantly out performed by the E92 M3. The price of the M3 will not "too high" nor is its price to performance ratio. The price to performance ratio is exactly where the M3 will be unbeatable.

I doubt that almost all those who have this opinion and attitude are seriously in the market for either car.
911S with minor options would be more like $90k. Even if the M3 comes in at a little over $60k, that difference is hard to justify unless you really want a Porcshe. (If you really want a Porsche, you should just buy it, why even consider the M3, right?) However, a 2-year old 911S with warranty becomes a viable option since 911s lose their value during the first 2-3 years faster than M3s--mainly because they cost more. If you are not interested in buying a used car, I agree that the 911S is not exactly a reasonable alternative. Finally, this thinking applies to the US market only. I understand that the M3 and the 911S might be priced much more closer in other markets.