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Originally Posted by knifegun View Post
I have a Graphite Metallic M3 sedan with the 18" OEM wheels. I really like the stealth look it gives the car. I have noticed that almost all videos and all people on this forum have the 19" wheels. I definitely like them and wish that my car would have come with them (bought it off the lot).

My question is what is the difference in performance between the two? I have heard that the 19"s are heavier than the 18"s. But of course, the 19"s will be harsher as they have less rubber. But that is not always the best when you track the car. Any thoughts?
The only reason to get 19's are for looks. 18" wheels/tires will weigh less, cost less, give a better ride. The M3 should have come with 18x9.5 front and 18x10.5" rear with 265/35/18 front and 285/35/18 rear tires. You can get this exact set-up in the proper offsets using Apex wheels. I have driven this set-up and it is better in every way possible when it comes to performance and ride. There is an optimal tire sidewall height and for the M3, it is with 18" tires. Going to a bigger tire with shorter sidewall beyond this point does nothing for the handling. In fact, the whole trend towards bigger wheels was really to accommodate larger brakes, but then the trend took on a life of its own. Obviously, if you go too small, you lose responsiveness also, but certainly not with 18".
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