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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
However, BMW itself states that the 18s are faster on a road course track.
Where did BMW state that?

Originally Posted by RIZZAT View Post
The 18's that come on the car are the wheels that are supposed to be on it. The car was revealed with with these wheels and thats what BMW deemed the correct wheel size for the performance of the vehicle. 19's are an OPTION for looks not performance. This is a rce car, when was the last time you saw a race car with dubs on it???
Hmm... So maybe we will go back to the '70 and put 13 or 14 inch wheels on our BMW's? And maybe, just maybe someone tell BMW, that is wrong to put 20 inch wheels on M5? And they will be mistaken, when new M3 will come with 19 inch wheels as a standard equipment?

I remember driving 316i on 13 inch wheels. It was great car then, no doubt, especially comparing to my everyday vehicle, Fiat 125P (also on 13 inch rims). But anyone who says that M3 will handle better and go faster on 18 instead of 19, in my opinion, doesn't know what is talking about.

Comfort? Ride? Yes! 13 inch wheels and bias tires will give you even more comfort. But nobody goes anywhere fast on comfortable tires, and nobody buys M3 to have comfortable ride. For those folks BMW makes 335i and other, lesser models.

If for someone M3 ride on 19 inch rims is to harsh, may I suggest Citroen DSS21? Or your father's Oldsmobile?