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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
Just from reading speed-related topics on this forum I have seen several references to radar detectors. We've all heard about them but I've actually never seen one being used in the real world. I've been reading a bit about them and the various technologies. But the big question remains: does it actually work?

From what I understand the most recent devices detect if a laser beam is pointed at your car and warn you in consequence. I can't help but think that by the time a laser hits your detector it's basically too late? And that most of the time the laser will be pointed at the body of the car not the detector?

What is the process by which these things work? Let's say a cop car hides somewhere on the highway fully stopped. He points his radar beam at oncoming traffic. He sees that you are speeding, and takes off in order to pull you over. I don't see at which point the radar could have detected the beam while giving me enough time to slam on the brakes before the cop gets a reading?
I drive through Philly burbs and most cops don't even have radars. When you drive on a highway it's good to have a V1 because arrows make a huge difference but that doesn't mean that you can slam on the throttle. If you are alone on the road and there is a 1/2 mi or more of empty road in front be very careful even with detector. Most cops would have the radar off and then turn it on and fire to prevent you from detecting and reacting. In this case no detector will save you. I had X50 which is not that good and changed to V1.

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