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I've read all the posts and think some have taken what I call the high road to present their opinions as just that...not as hard cold facts. True communication only happens when one is willing to truly listen and not wait for the other to stop talking so you can refute what they just said and tell them why everything they just said is false. Attacks only beget more attacks in return.
If you truly want to be heard, then truly listen and find something to agree with. I wish we could lose the partisan rhetoric and reclaim our fine country. I think we have allowed some very wealthy individuals to corrupt the political process and return us back to a time and place where those with money could buy the politicians and put into place policies that would benefit them and drape it in doing what's best for the country. We can choose to stay stuck in the whirlpool of divisiveness, or rise up and find commonalities to move forward. I would invite all of you to look at what you are writing from a perspective of unity than from partisan talking points that will only ensure we all fail.
Simply my humble opinion...