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I've owned a ton of trucks. Built my own toyota straight axle rock crawler. The most important thing you need to ask is how are you going to use the truck. Offroad? Hwy? city? Etc. I got out of off-roading and trucks due to the amount I drive and cost of fuel and it just being a total waste. Just a huge black hole. I custom ordered a 2009 TRD off-road package and dumped it at 15k.

Tip # 1- stay away from the "mid size trucks". IE- Nissan frontier & Tacoma. Old platforms and they are VERY light duty. my tacoma sucked. small as crap on the inside, terrible mileage etc... they're all the same. no real savings in a "small truck". That's a false hope. Been there got the Tshirt. and the newer full size trucks get better mpg's Ex- new Ecoboost F150. Truck is SICK. V6 Turbo! better mpg's than both the frontcrapa and taco. Stick with a 1500. Best bet. The reality is the companies put money into their full size trucks. Look at the taco and frontier. They've been the same old oh hum for like 10 yrs. But the full size market is down right competitive.

Tip #2- Don't buy a truck if you don't NEED it. Gas, insurance, tag etc all cost MORE.

My take being a truck guy:

Nissan titan: very cool truck; great frame, features etc. Offers a locker from the factory. Bad: Small rear axle. small brakes. Dated truck... been 10yrs and it's the same. 3rd place vote.

Toyota Turdra: Good engine, fast and big rear axle. Other than that is a heep of shiz. crappy frame, and very large. Not for me. this is the biggest POS truck IMO.

Ford F150: I'd say the best truck. Great frame, great rear axle, great brakes, the ONLY turbo V6. My vote.

Dodge Ram: Good rear axle. small-er brakes. great 5.7. DO NOT get the small V8. 4.whatever. POS. But a Hemi 5.7 new truck... 2nd place vote.

GMs': good frame, overall decent but small rear axle and brakes. Good choice for lighter duty. that rear 10 bolt axle SUCKS. Engines are dated. Very dated. F'k they are using push rods.

SO go drive them all see what you think. But I think Ford owns the 1500 class. Just remember, no 1500 truck is going to be a camry or corolla. Or BMW. Don't expect a lexus interior.
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