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Unusual Tire Wear???

Need your help. Has anyone had tire wear like the photo before?


2011 E90 with 10,xxx miles.
Used KW V3 installed 3 weeks and about 500 miles ago. Seller claims 20k miles with no issues. Car had alignment done at time of KW installation and redone again today.
Tires: P Zero OEM Factory 32PSI Front 34 PSI Rear. Yes, I've been told it's on the low end.
Spirited drives 2-3 times month about 100-150 miles each time.
Photo is of driver's side rear. Driver's side front looks a little better but not much. Passenger sides, no issues. Still have 40% + tread left.

The shop asked me to drive my car for a week and go back for adjustments afterwards, which I did. No issues after about 100 miles of spirited driving the first time.

So, I noticed this earlier this week. Decided to go back to the shop where they installed the suspension and alignment. They said they've never seen this type of tire wear. They first blamed it on over inflation, I told them it was at 34 PSI. Then they tried to blame it on "hard" driving. I've done the same roads at least 5 times before the installation and no issues. When the shop installed the suspension and the tires were off, tires looked normal.

So, I turn to the forum here and see if anyone else had similar issues or have recommendations on what might have caused this.

Was it...
Bad suspension (never buy used again?)
Bad tires (what are the chances front/rear both went bad)
Incorrect tire pressure
Poor installation
Tires overheated and simply started to chunk
Car is not corner balanced
Alignment is still off (the guy didn't know what he was doing and I should get a second opinion at a suspension specific shop?)

I'm concerned as the driver's side tires are toast and I need to replace all four. Is this going to happen again?

Thank you in advance.
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