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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Hopefully Windows 7 will endure for a while longer, like NT4 lived past the Windows 98/ME debacle. I will have to deal with it at some point as I support 50 or so staff and faculty machines and approx 200 student laptops running Windows and Mac. I just hope you can tune out some of the BS and just make the thing work. Windows 7 already takes more clicks to do something that was simple in XP. Windows 8 looks to be worse in the regard.

On the other side of the fence, I hear rumors that the next Mac OS may restrict access to the Unix underpinnings of the OS. That's going to piss off lots of serious techie types I know who run MacBook Pros almost strictly in terminal window mode. I do like the Mac hardware. I'm typing this now on a very nice MBP running Win7 in Bootcamp. I need to spend more time on the Mac side of the drive, though.
This actually happened when Vista came out. A lot of organizations stayed on XP for their workstations, and lots of individuals as well.

The Win8 Metro start screen can be disabled as its a registry setting. Here's a quick link to someone who's done this already:

If you maintain group policy and have a hand in imaging new machines, I bet you can just run all of your machines with the Metro UI disabled. Underneath, it's same as Win7.

That all being said, I am not against Macs. I had an MBP for a while, ran Bootcamp and Parallels, but found myself, like you, in the Windows 7 side most of the time for maximum efficiency. The only time I spent on the Mac side was to play with XCode and some iOS development - I am thinking of picking another one up with the new retina display for this purpose.