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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
I agree the start menu is cumbersome. Most non techy people don't know commands such as 'shutdown' or CMD window stuff.

It's been a year so I can't remember how I shut down, but it's possible it's that convoluted. Behind the start screen with the tiles, I do like the enhanced look of file explorer, as it looks more like a browser now, and the file tagging functions are improved.

Overall it looks more like an overhaul or facelift of Win7 vs. the vast difference between Vista and Win7 several years ago.

But hey, you don't have to switch to Mac. You can just keep Win7
Hopefully Windows 7 will endure for a while longer, like NT4 lived past the Windows 98/ME debacle. I will have to deal with it at some point as I support 50 or so staff and faculty machines and approx 200 student laptops running Windows and Mac. I just hope you can tune out some of the BS and just make the thing work. Windows 7 already takes more clicks to do something that was simple in XP. Windows 8 looks to be worse in the regard.

On the other side of the fence, I hear rumors that the next Mac OS may restrict access to the Unix underpinnings of the OS. That's going to piss off lots of serious techie types I know who run MacBook Pros almost strictly in terminal window mode. I do like the Mac hardware. I'm typing this now on a very nice MBP running Win7 in Bootcamp. I need to spend more time on the Mac side of the drive, though.

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