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Originally Posted by SE3P_to_E90 View Post
I've been in MD from 2004 until now... from 2004-2009, i've had ZERO tickets. Then, in 2009, MD decided to turn all red-light cameras into speed cameras. Once this happened, i got 7 tickets in one year... So, the lights are there for a reason - to bring money into the state. Since that year, i've gotten zero tickets.

If you think those speed-trap cameras are there for pedestrian safety, i'd like to read some facts as to how these cameras have decreased pedestrian-automobile fatalities...

These tickets are $40 a pop... not too unreasonable.. but when you pile 7 of them together, it just gets annoying. If i chose not to pay these tickets - MD will boot your car if you have 3 outstanding tickets.
so do you dig up graves for a living