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Originally Posted by tlp View Post
Guys, please don't speculate at the retail cost or justification of the mods.

Let's just say that the owner is very very well connected as a long time enthusiast in the BMW space and retail pricing does not apply. That being said, this is NOT a poseur or show car. The drop and stance is all business from a track and practically perspective. Pleasing aesthetics and looks always took a back seat and were never considered in the build. This is a street legal car that is totally trackable without compromise with the best of breed mods. The car is pure expression of aftermarket + OEM performance mods to the nth degree and was built to perform rather than please the eyes or pocketbooks.

The owner knows exactly what he is doing based on experience and knowledge.
Are you guys dating lol. Didn't mean to upset someone, especially not the owner. I'm sure Captain got a great deal on the cage or he wouldn't of bought it. I know I wouldn't. I have two eyes and built a few cars. I think all of us on this forum can appreciate this build for what it is.