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Megan Exhaust - First Impressions

I just recieved the Megan axle-back mufflers for my M3 and had them installed.

Price - You can't find better for an M3 aftermarket muffler. (closest will be the stock muffler mod)

Quality- High, looks like some very nice welds.
Quality vs Price- Very nice

Sound- really nice growl on lower rpm's and sounds like stock on upper rpm's cruising through 50 mph.

Drone- nothing up to 50 mph. Tomorrow I will take a 100 mile round trip cruise to the Texas Mile so I will check out all rpm's at all speeds up to 120 or so.

Looks- Standing behind car- sweet, perfect, straight.

Install- it was first install this muffler place ever did on an M3 and it took 1 hour 15 minutes. Asked me to look at install after completed and everything looked excellent.

Price- for install $137 and I gladly paid that.

Assessment- I am not expecting anything that really changes my feelings on this exhaust after I take my long cruise on the highway. If you are on the fence for this exhaust, do it. I'm sure there are better exhaust out there but at a very very high cost compared to this.
So I can say this is an outstanding value for the return and smiles it brings.