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Originally Posted by rolren View Post
The only silly is you. First learn how to respect others before commenting. I have been involved in the F1 programme with all its technological wind tunnel backgrounds and the FIZ in Germany for more than 12 years while you, in the U.S., had no idea what F1 is.

Besides that, what I already said is that the most eccentric BMW M3 which is the DTM version beated the hell out of Mercedes-Benz AMG DTM C-Class Coupe. Even in the ALMS, the M3 is more competitive than Porsche, Ferrari, or Corvette.

Anyways if you prefer that Mercedes-Benz AMG C-Class Coupe Black Series crap, then why not buy it instead of a BMW?
You realize Porsche has the most titles and most ALMS wins of all time right? Porsche is also the most successful race car manuf. in history. I dont think BMW, Ferrari or Chevy are even close, nor will they ever be. They are much more competitive (read: own BMW/Ferrari/Chevy/etc) in ALMS, since 1999 they have 9 first place finishes for the manuf's title. BMW and Ferrari combined havnt had even close to that many 1st place finishes.

The Black Series is awesome looking. Had a chance to see it up close at the US Open and it was very aggressive and looked great IMO.

Its funny that BMW can make the 1M so aggressive and people love it...yet its still a fugly car. MB comes out with a GREAT looking, VERY aggressive car yet the people who keep saying BMW needs more aggressive cars dont like this? I dont get it...what more could you want. Fender flares and exterior on this thing are menacing, the exhaust sounds bad ass, the interior is top notch as well as the transmission. Give some respect where its due, and it certainly is here.

I have not driven a C63 Black, but MT rated it behind the 991 911 S as the 2012 Best Driver's car. That says something since all know the 911 especially the GT cars are probably the most scalpel like cars on the road.

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