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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
The M3 already has an LSD. You could buy an aftermarket diff with LSD and shorter gears for better torque multiplication. A few people have done this. Dinan sells them for 6MT and DCT.

The problem with being interested in only the 0-60 is that is the hardest part of the acceleration curve to improve. It depends heavily on the launch. On stock street tires, there is a limit to what you can do and more power will eventually just overwhelm the tires. Do you plan to run wider tires or switch to drag radials? Do you use launch control for these encounters?

I doubt you would be able to measure much difference between the 535 and 575 in the 0-60. Where the 575 might benefit you in HI is the intercooling that reduces heatsoak in hot weather and thus provides more consistency in performance. But if you are just going for the occasional single 0-60 run, I don't think heatsoak is going to be a problem.
Thanks for the thoughts!

I've looked at the Dinan 3.42, there was a chart posted demonstrating the stock differential vs the various Dinan models and that seems most applicable for my goals.

Only stationed in Hawaii so lord knows where I will end up next, but army bases tend mostly in hot, usually humid climates (the south and southwest/Texas).

I have the ZCP package but changed my wheels with purchase of the Arkym J12 in 9" front and 10" rear (currently on order). It was recommended going with the 275/35/19 in the rear.

Does this information help? Thanks!