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ESS VT-535 vs VT2-575

I am currently trying to plan out the next wave of mods after my initial cosmetic, exhaust and wheel mods.

Next, I am looking at adding a supercharger for the next performance boost.

I use the car for daily driving and have zero plans to track the car. As such, I am less concerned for improvements in 60-120 times (hell, I have only gone over 100 once in my life lol) or overall top speed, but rather prefer to focus on increasing initial acceleration (0-60mph) for all those punk kids challenging me at stop lights (mostly joking, but definitely happens).

Thoughts? Is the VT535 adequate for my goals? Should I combine it with an LSD, Or would the LSD alone suffice? Increase to the VT2575 with or without the LSD?

Cost is also an issue; while I am not counting pennies, I'm also not fortunate enough to have an endless budget.

Your thoughts, experience and recommendations would be helpful!