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tint along defroster lines...

Got my windows tinted about a week ago. My initial reaction was not pleasant.. Found air bubbles/pockets throughout the car which I understand is normal. However, the rear window had to be the worst as you can see from the pics below. I took the car back after a few days to have the manager (who was one of two guys who tinted it) take a look. He said he'd redo the small side panel window behind the drivers seat, but did not really seem to care about the rear window which was even worse. Anyways, i thought i'd give it at least a week under the sun to see if it helped and it really hasn't changed. Sucks more because I found another streak about 1.5 inches long on the front windshield, in clear view from the passengers seat. Bottom line, I'd like to have the front windshield and rear window re-tinted. Has anybody else have the same issue with the tints not sticking to the defroster lines? If so, how did you deal with the issue. Thanks.

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