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Originally Posted by e92doc View Post
So my car has just about 4k miles and is 5 months old. I ordered it with OEM splitters installed at factory (or really at the port). I went today to wash the car and all of a sudden the splitters look like they were hit with hundreds of stone chips. The clear coat has litterally 100 plus tiny little chips with a handful starting to bubble and look really bad and very noticable even from a far. has anyone else had this happen to their splitters? I last washed two weeks ago and noticed 1-2 small chips with ni bubble. There are no other chips or scratches on the bumper and i have not driven into a debris field and dont drive a lot of highway. I dont think this is normal wear
I see you live in Syracuse...have you guys had snow yet? Maybe the salt might have pelted the clear coat?
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