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Originally Posted by Yolkster View Post
I obviously do, otherwise I wouldnt be posting how bad I think it sounds..I have heard muffler deletes (IN PERSON) on an e9x M3, 335i and 328i.

The only setup I have found somewhat decent was on the 328i.

Sound is subjective..and so Im happy that you like you setup, but I also know what I like and others here share the same philosophy.
weird, I have had like 5 sets of mufflers and a set of straight pipes and they sounded great w/ no drone. And got lots of compliments. Alot of fuckin haters in here. Unless you buy volks or have BBS FI your a loser, and if you have a Akra (which IMO doesn't sound too great and everyone and their mother has it) people love ya. Typical BMW stereotype proven