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Originally Posted by itf joegun View Post
What is "proper maintenance of a tire" except correct geometry settings of the car and proper air pressure? Both are given in my case. The picture of wear is absolutely normal according to my tire guy.

Sorry, but not in Germany. There is no such plan...but I will check this with the customer service anyway. Thank you.
Correct alignment, follow rotation intervals, and maintain air pressure. Since you say tread was worn properly, I would check with your local Michelin dealer.

Originally Posted by nmehta211 View Post
Anyone know how the warranty works? Seems very vague.

1. Do we qualify since our cars didnt have PSS tires as OEM tires?
2. Do we need to show documented alignments, balances, etc? If so, how often?
3. Does it matter if we use non OEM sizes (ie. 265/285 f/r)?
4. If we use a square setup, do we qualify for the 30k warranty?

My local tire dealer knows nothing about this.
1. Warranty states "replacement tire limited warranty", thus I believe the original tires when vehicle is purchased new do not fall under this warranty. I believe...

2. According to the warranty booklet, "May require that you provide the following: A completed Service Record form, and Original Owner/Tire Installation Information Form. For treadwear replacement claims, documents showing that your tires have been rotated and inspected every 6,000-8,000 miles or as specified by your vehicle manufacturer, whichever is lower, and the attached Mounting and Rotation Service Record has been fully completed and signed."

3. I don't see a mention of non-OEM sizes in the booklet, but I just quickly scanned it...

4. Square fitment will qualify you for a 30k warranty as long as a proper rotation schedule is followed.

One thing to note with the warranty is that documentation is KEY! Thus have a shop do your rotations and you get it documented.