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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
IMO benvo that's totally norma. and you say the car runs fine. I have looked and numerous m3 as well as reg bmw and all seem to have a little rattle while cold.

Ever hear a car start after an oil change?? For a second it sounds like marbles in a can until the head is pressurized. I'm sorry but I really don't get these threads.

My car makes a noise, but runs great so I am going to the dealer with M3posts threads and demand they look at it. Just freaking drive the cars. When they break, then fix them

At worst we are hearing an exaggerated rattle from the chain tensioner while the car is cold and the heads are dry as the oil is sitting in the pan. I've asked before, where are people parking there cars? inclines may exaggerate the issue. I would keep an eye on it, but if you're not hearing the noise while driving the car and it runs fine, who cares?
I have been following this thread closely but listening to more videos I think it's just a cold engine startup signature. Sure they could have spend one more year of engineering development to refine the startup sequence but if it's just cosmetic undesirable noise who cares, it's not going to reduce the engine life or performance in any significant way until the next half million times you start the engine.