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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Looks like Mu dry is 335 and wet is 221.
Castrol SRF dry is 310 and wet is 270.

It's the wet boiling point that really matters since that's what will affect your pedal feel. Mu is a little cheaper.

It's too bad LeMans_Blue isn't here anymore. He'd give a NICE summary about brake fluid.

Yeah, I like how Project Mu is cheaper than SRF. It has a higher wet boiling point than Motul RBF600 for about the same price. I can't justify the SRF price.

I used to burn RBF600 brake fluid regularly on my old Evo on track so the Project Mu was a good upgrade. Those cars are much harder on brakes than the M3. The factory Brembos are way undersized for the application.

Edit: Looks like Project Mu G-Four's price is now higher. It used to be about $30-40 for a liter. At the current price, SRF is the better deal.

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